Get to know the alpacas at Hönshylte Gård through a pleasant and relaxed walk with the alpacas. Let go of everyday stress and experience a peaceful environment together with alpacas. You get the chance to get close to the alpacas and feel their soft and warm wool. There is of course also the opportunity to take pictures with the alpacas.

Alpacas are social and curious but with high integrity, when hiking with alpacas it is at their leisurely pace.

The alpaca walk takes about 1 hour. From the start, the alpacas present, and during the tour there are four information points where you can learn more facts about the alpacas. Fika is included during the alpaca walk.

In the farm shop you can buy wool and yarn from our alpacas.

Rules during the alpaca walk:

– You may not bring other animals during the walk.

– Mobile phones must be on silent.

-Right to interrupt/reject people who disturb or stress the animals.

-Smoking forbidden.

– No stroller.

-Remember to be calm, this moment should be harmonious.

Dress according to the weather, in case of thunder and extremely hot or bad weather, the alpaca walk is cancelled.

Booking for alpaca walks starts from 1/7-23.